Apr 28, 2022 Active ageing

Yesterday, 28 April, the General Secretary of Ferpa Agostino Siciliano spoke at the work of the National Congress of the Fnp Cisl Pensioners’ Union which was held in Riccione.
During his speech Siciliano illustrated the salient points of the Ferpa Manifesto, coinciding in four priority rights: The right to decent pensions to combat the poverty of elderly people, especially women, who have a longer life expectancy than men and who often find themselves alone, in the final period of their life, having to live on a single income, of which the amount is reduced due to a discontinuous working life; the right to long-term and quality health care, accessible from a financial and territorial point of view; the right to healthy and decent housing, regardless of the type of accommodation the person has chosen, and to essential, economic and widespread public services throughout the territory; the right to social inclusion for all elderly people, to ensure their full participation in all social, political and cultural activities, in a spirit of intergenerationality.
The Secretary then expressed his firm condemnation of Russia’s terrible aggression against Ukraine and recalled how cooperation between countries, both at a European and global level, is fundamental to guaranteeing freedom, democracy and equality for all people, young and old.