Congress / Mid-term Conferences

The Congress is the supreme authority of Ferpa, it is convened by the General Secretary of Ferpa, according to the rulings in the Ferpa Constitution. The Ordinary Congress takes place every four years and is convened at least four months in advance. Mid-Term Conferences are held between one Congress and another. The Congress elects the General Secretary, the President and the Finance Commitee. The number of Congress delegates to which member organizations follows a proportion linked to the number of Paid-up membership.



9th Ferpa Congress Vienna, 4-6 April 2023

Minutes of the 9th FERPA Congress
Policy Outline by Agostino Siciliano, General Secretary-elect
Women Commitee Resolution
Finance Commitee Resolution
Final Resolution


8th Ferpa Congress Brussels, 16-17 October 2018

Minutes of the 8th FERPA Congress
Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting of 17 October 2018
Presentation of the FERPA Activity Report by the President
Policy Outline by Agostino Siciliano, General Secretary-elect


7th Ferpa Congress Budapest, 9-11 October 2015

Draft Strategic Resolution for the 7th FERPA Congress
Topical motion on the European Union’s migration policy
Strategic program of designated General Secretary Carla Cantone


Mid-Term Conferences

Mid-Term Conference-Held in virtual mode on 21 and 22 October 2021

Report on the Ferpa Mid-Term Conferences
Report of the General Secretary

Mid-Term Conference – Rome, 10, 11 and 12 Ocotber 2017

Report on the Ferpa Mid-Term Conferences 

Mid-Term Conference – Athens, 27 and 28 June 2013

Report on the Ferpa Mid-Term Conferences 
Draft Political Declaration