European Elections 2024

May 2024

In view of the European elections scheduled for June, Ferpa has released a video encouraging senior citizens to vote in the European elections for parties advocating for their rights The video emphasizes the importance of their voice in shaping policies that benefit the elderly By supporting...
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Mar 2024

The European Federation of Retired and Elderly People is identified as a recognized organisation representing older people, with 10 million members in 21 European countries Today, through its Women’s Committee expresses its disappointment and incomprehension towards the final deal regarding...
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Europe Etuc

ETUC protest in Brussels against austerity

Dec 2023

The ETUC protest against a European austerity policy that does not take into account people's needs and rights was held in Brussels on Tuesday 12 December We ask and demand requests and choices that are different from those that are being made in Europe This is why as Ferpa, with our General...
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