FERPA has grown from the structure of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and works actively to shape European Union legislation and policies through direct lobbying of different European institutions. It wants a procedure to be set up for the European Commission to consult the most representative organisations of retired and elderly people so that their voice can be heard. The Federation’s member organisations also lobby their national governments, especially ahead of European Council meetings whose agendas include issues of concern to retired and elderly people.

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General Secretary

The General Secretary is responsible for the organizational activities of Ferpa.

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Steering Commitee

Steering Commitee The Steering Committee meets at least four times a year and holds meetings with 9 elected members. It prepares and submits for debate policy issues relevant to Ferpa in particular, it implements the policy guidelines and decisions of the Executive Committee.  

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Executive Committee

Executive Committee The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year and holds meetings with all its member organisations. In its capacity as a decision-making body between Congresses, the Executive Committee implements the policies decided by the Congress and decides, inter alia, on actions and measures to be taken by Ferpa at European level. Executive […]

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Women's Committee

Women’s Committee The Women’s Committee meets at least twice a year and holds meetings with women from all Ferpa member organisations.It shares its experience and knowledge on the activities to be carried out in favour of older women at national and international level and is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of Ferpa’s gender equality […]

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Congress / Mid-term Conferences

Congress / Mid-term Conferences The Congress is the supreme authority of Ferpa, it is convened by the General Secretary of Ferpa, according to the rulings in the Ferpa Constitution. The Ordinary Congress takes place every four years and is convened at least four months in advance. Mid-Term Conferences are held between one Congress and another. […]

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Political Secretariat

Political Secretariat The secretariat is in charge of the coordination between the members of Ferpa

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