Nov 05, 2020 Equal

Letter from Mireille Paume, President of the Women Committee, on the occasion of November 25th, International Day against Violence against Women.

Dear Colleagues,

This year, how can we make our voices heard to speak out against violence against women?

This 25 November should not be without a demonstration to alert, demand and raise women’s voices, reminding us that violence has never been more present than during this pandemic.

Eradicating violence against women must become a major cause. We are not only a population at risk because of COVID, we are also a population at risk because of the violence that women suffer.

The measures taken are not up to the challenge, given the increase in violence.

Since we can’t get together or go out in the streets to demonstrate or hold conferences, let’s use social networks to continue the fight.

I suggest that you post the attache post on your facebook, instagram or any other medium at your disposal and add the post from your respective countries.

Via social networks, let’s make November 25th a great day of European demonstration.

Photograph – you with signs, demands and say STOP to violence and say YES to a European charter to deal with violence against women everywhere in the world.

Let’s be inventive so that women’s voices are heard.

Relay the initiatives in your countries.

Sincerely yours,


Mireille PAUME

President of the FERPA Women’s Committee”