FERPA: On this International Day of Older Persons, on 1 October 2023, the UN is focusing on violence against older people, particularly gender-based violence.

More generally, FERPA and its organisations are denouncing the abuse of all kinds suffered by older people and the negative attitudes that isolate them and have harmful consequences for their physical and mental health.

Every day, the elderly are victims of financial abuse. The institutionalised digital world, with no support for them, isolates them and makes it difficult for them to access the social and medical rights and information they need to live with dignity.

The revelation of various scandals in institutions for the elderly, but which also exist at home, have moved public opinion, but emotion is not enough.

FERPA condemns the inertia of public authorities at all levels in the face of this scourge and calls for measures to be implemented, with human and financial resources to be made available as a matter of urgency.

FERPA calls on States to adopt a binding international human rights instrument, as well as national legislation and measures, to guarantee older people access to justice with full respect for their autonomy. These should include the provision of legal aid, dedicated advice and support services, diversified and age-appropriate formats for sharing information on legal rights and complaints mechanisms, reduced or waived litigation costs, and improved accessibility.

The day is also an opportunity to reiterate FERPA’s commitment to full recognition of the role of pensioners and older people in society, so that they can access their rights and play an active part in the policies that affect them.  All FERPA organisations are seizing the opportunity of 1st October to mobilise and make their voices heard, as well as those of older people who are often voiceless.