Dec 11, 2020

*** Attention, this is an automatic translation ***

Spi, Fnp, Uilp launch a petition on the online platform for collecting signatures, to ask the Government, Parliament, regional and local institutions that welfare returns to be a priority of this country.

These are the fundamental points for the unions of pensioners: a national framework law on non self-sufficiency; the relaunch of the National Health Service; the reform of RSA and home care; the revaluation of pensions and the extension of the 14th month.

“It is necessary – reads the petition – an intervention on non self-sufficiency: there is a need for a law of civilization that has been missing for a long time, made even more urgent by the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is having in particular on the population more fragile and exposed elderly.

We need a rethought healthcare model, a universal and ‘public’ healthcare model, which thus contributes to the revival of the welfare state. Immediate action must be taken to secure all RSAs and ensure the presence of adequately trained personnel within them. Finally, it is a sacrosanct right for pensioners to be able to have a fair revaluation of pension payments, together with the extension of the fourteenth month’s salary. ”

The unions of pensioners invite all their managers and members to sign the appeal.

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