Sep 28, 2023

During a gathering for the 75th anniversary of the AVS, 1,200 retirees and unions recalled the constitutional mandate of our main social institution which consists of covering vital needs appropriately. There is an urgent need to increase AVS pensions. The popular initiative AVS x13 offers this possibility.

Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (AVS) was created 75 years ago. Today it is the most important social institution in Switzerland. However, it is increasingly unable to fulfill its constitutional mandate to “cover vital needs adequately” because the pensions paid are simply too low.

Failure to compensate for inflation leads to poverty in old age

The constitution also prescribes that AVS pensions must be “adapted at least to price developments”. In reality, annuities lag behind inflation. This spring, parliament refused to compensate for the rise in the cost of annuities despite high inflation. For many retirees, the situation is getting worse: skyrocketing health insurance premiums, rising rents and rising costs of living pose a serious threat to the standard of living of many. the elderly. A massive increase in retirement poverty is feared.

Demonstration in Bern for higher pensions

At the initiative of the Unia Retired Interest Group and with the support of a broad alliance of retired unions from the Swiss Trade Union (USS), 1,200 people commemorated this afternoon the anniversary of the AVS during a gathering in Bern. They also recalled the constitutional mandate: pensions must be sufficient to live on. Köbi Hauri, president of the Unia Retired Interest Group, recalled that it is up to the population to ensure compensation for the rising cost of AVS pensions: “With a yes to the AVS x13 initiative, on which we will vote next year, AVS pensions will be increased by 8.3%. This will be a welcome boost for many people to help mitigate the effects of inflation. »

The call for the demonstration was launched by an informal group of former active members of the USS federations, the USS Retirees’ Commission and various retiree organizations.