The History of Ferpa

Two determinations met at the ETUC Congress of Milan in May 1985 :
the Italian trade unions asked for the building up of a European trade union structure of retirees, ETUC put Georges De Bunnes forwards, entrusted with the task of:

  • going into the problems of the elderly people, of the retirees in Europe
  • helping the  organizations affiliated with ETUC to contribute to the best choices in the field of the retirees’ social protection.
  • looking into the possibility of examining a better coordination of the affiliated organizations’ work.

The resolution clarified that ETUC did not intend to leave the representation of the retirees and of the elderly people to organizations not involved in the union movement;
ETUC was to become the favoured interlocutor of the European institutions also in the field of pensions and not only of work; ETUC was to provide itself with a structure fit for the best defence of the retirees interests; that  retirees and elderly people were to take active part in the fight for their rights. So,it was decided to build up, inside ETUC, a coordinating committee of retired workers (CCTR) established at the beginning of  October 1988 in Madrid. ETUC works to give credibility to the coordinating committee as interlocutor of the European institutions.
Towards the end of 1991 CCTR changed its name into European Federation of retirees and elderly people FERPA, as ratified by the executive of CES in December of that year. FERPA structure is acknowledged by the executive of ETUC, held in Geneva in June 1992. ” …FERPA is the European  trade organization,representative of retired workers and of the elderly people towards all European institutions ( Committee, Council of Europe, European Parliament, Economic  and social committee).

FERPA is part of ETUC with which it coordinates its policy,within the frame of the European social dialogue,particularly concerning social security,pensions,health treatment,in order to avoid generational conflicts among active workers and retired workers. The representation of FERPA inside ETUC must be granted.  FERPA  is open to all organizations of interprofessional or sectorial retirees, being part of a national trade union member of ETUC.