Ayear after a previous publication entitled “The Purchasing Power of Pensions in Europe,” FERPA is placing at the disposal of its members and the entire international socio-political community a new research study with the significant and challenging title: “Living in Europe as a Pensioner: How much does it cost?”. The new study is obviously a follow-up on the previous one, but with particular features all its own. Our objective in launching the research study, after noting and documenting the serious loss in the purchasing power of pensioners, was to understand how the family income of elderly persons was affected by prices increases for essential goods and services in daily life. We therefore used a questionnaire to gauge the opinion of FERPA members “in the field” and to compile and compare the results with official data and statistics at both the national and the European level.

We received many and highly qualified answers, which enabled us to carry out a significant quali- tative study which the reader will find in these pages, accompanied by data, tables, etc. What we had not (nor could anyone have) foreseen, was the financial and economic crisis that exploded in the autumn of 2008, the consequences of which are still eluding a systematic and consolidated assessment – especially in terms of future prospects, duration, scope and repercus- sions on the budgets of families and, by extension, on their standard of living.This event, however, does not invalidate the results of the report. On the contrary, the report provides a reliable and informed cross section, up to date until the most recent months.

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