Presentation of Agostino Siciliano, general secretary of Ferpa

Dear Visitor,
welcome to the website of the European Trade Union Federation representing retired, pensionners and elderly people (Ferpa).
In a European context that tends to disintegrate, Ferpa will try, together with the European Confederation of the Trade Unions (Etuc), to strengthen its role to affect the choices of economic policy, in order to have a Europe:

  1. with more cohesion and solidarity;
  2. with new social balances and with more unity among peoples;
  3. that is able to improve the living conditions of millions of European citizens of any age and origin;
  4. guaranteeing work for all and adequate pensions for the elderly, to make them continue to live with dignity, reducing poverty, inequality and unemployment.

To this end, the exchange of information and communications is a determining part, and therefore Ferpa, through its website, will try to open a window on what is happening in Europe, in individual countries and in the Etuc.

Dear Visitor, “join us!”, As with your contribution we can try, with more force, to achieve a more united and less bureaucratic, more just and supportive Europe.