Feb 16, 2021

Spi, Fnp, Uilp have launched an appeal to Italian institutions, asking them to speed up the vaccination campaign for elderly people.
According to the unions of pensioners, in Italy we are witnessing “a real massacre of the elderly, which risks worsening further due to the delays in implementing the vaccination plan. Every day, hour or minute lost has a direct and dramatic consequence in terms of human lives, in particular in the personal data category of the over 60s where 95.6% of deaths are concentrated since the beginning of the pandemic
It is not just a question of wanting to get out of this situation quickly to return to normal, but of fighting against time to save the lives of our elderly. ”
This is why Spi, Fnp, Uilp have strongly appealed to all the competent authorities to do everything necessary and to get the country out of the emergency quickly.
At the same time, considering that health is a matter of competence of the Regions, Spi, Fnp, Uilp are also mobilizing at the regional level so that the vaccination campaign is carried out efficiently and effectively. They also made themselves available to help older people access the digital vaccine booking platforms.