Mar 17, 2021

On Monday 8 March the joint demonstration of Spi, Fnp, Uilp ‘Men against violence against women’ was held in Piazza del Popolo in Rome, attended by the General Secretary of Ferpa Agostino Siciliano and the General Secretaries of Spi, Fnp, Uilp Ivan Pedretti, Piero Ragazzini, Carmelo Barbagallo.

“The problem is male violence against women and we can no longer ignore it. Because we men are the violent ones, there are no loopholes. It is a structural violence that has deep roots and many faces, femicide is only the most extreme and most visible one ”declared the General Secretaries of Spi, Fnp, Uilp.

“He lives in daily actions, in work, in society, in stereotypes and culture, in the family, in the couple relationship. Gender equality loses its meaning if it turns into a rhetorical artifice behind which we hide and put our conscience in order. We need to get out of the numbness and indifference of our thoughts and intentions.

As men we must put our faces and break that deafening silence in which we are guilty wrapped up. The time of awareness and responsibility must come for us. And a radical change in society, which is still profoundly patriarchal, sexist and male chauvinist. ”

An appeal has also been launched to be signed online, click HERE to read and sign it.