Jul 14, 2022 Conferences

Speech by the Secretary General of Ferpa Agostino Siciliano at the Uil Pensionati National Congress, held in Rome from 11 to 13 July:
“There is a particular climate, in Europe and in the world. This must be the time to take concrete action on people’s problems. This must be the time to act.
We as Ferpa are constantly committed to protecting and enhancing the many elderly and retired people we represent. We did it first with the pandemic and then with the war.
We collaborated with Ces and Epsu to report what was happening to the European institutions, not only from an economic point of view but also and above all from a health point of view.
We have tried to find solutions, we have created a Manifesto, unanimously approved by all the countries participating in the Ferpa, which contains all that we claim for the elderly and retired, for example, starting from the European minimum pension.
We will continue in this way, always claiming better living conditions, purchasing power and health for all pensioners and pensioners in Europe.”