May 31, 2022 Active ageing

On Thursady 26th May, the General Secretary of Ferpa, Agostino Siciliano attended the 30th anniversary of the Trade Union of Pensioners of Slovenia, and the 7th of the Trade Union Pensioners (SUS), both held in the Great Hall in the Trade Union House in Ljubljana.
In his speech, the Secretary General illustrated the salient points of the Ferpa Manifesto, which coincide with four priority rights: The right to decent pensions to combat poverty among the elderly, especially women, who have a longer life expectancy long of men and who often find themselves living alone; the universal right to long-term and quality healthcare, accessible from a financial and territorial point of view; the right to healthy and dignified housing, regardless of the type of accommodation chosen, and to essential, economic public services which must be present throughout the territory. Last but fundamental right: the right to social inclusion of all the elderly, in order to guarantee their full participation in all social, political and cultural activities, in a spirit of intergenerationality, because, Siciliano pointed out, it is only by favoring the intergenerational exchange between young and old, between retirees and workers, which can make Europe grow.