Mar 10, 2022 Europe Etuc

No to war – Full solidarity with the Ukrainian population
At their meeting on 9 and 10 March, the Executive Committee of the European Federation of Retired
and Elderly People (FERPA), which includes representatives of 41 organisations from 21 European
countries, expressed their solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are victims of the war launched
against them by President Putin.

FERPA denounces in the strongest possible terms the war that the Russian government is waging in
Ukraine against an independent state with a democratically elected President and which is causing so
many deaths and inflicting so much suffering and atrocities on the population, especially on women,
children and the elderly, in violation of all international rules in force. Many civilians, among those
who are able, are thrown on the roads of exile. It calls for the establishment of genuine “humanitarian
corridors” allowing the evacuation of injured or vulnerable people.
Together with the European Trade Union Confederation and all those throughout Europe and the
world who are committed to democracy and the right of peoples to self-determination, FERPA
strongly appeals to the leaders of the European Union and all governments to do everything possible
to put an end to this unjustified attack and to mobilise all human, financial and medical resources to
relieve the suffering of the Ukrainian people as quickly as possible.
It expresses its total solidarity with all the Ukrainian people and with the trade unions of this country
who are working to restore peace by risking their lives every day to help the most vulnerable victims
of this senseless invasion.
The Executive Committee of FERPA
also calls on all its organisations to mobilise and participate, according to their possibilities and
capacities, in all initiatives that are or will be undertaken in favour of peace and the people of Ukraine.
Peace and the search for and maintenance of peace are part of the European Union’s genes and
achievements. It is the guarantee of the well-being and harmonious development of peoples. It is
priceless. Nothing can justify that it is flouted.
This is why FERPA is mobilising and calling on European national leaders and the European
institutions and to all leaders of democratic countries in the world to do everything possible to
guarantee and restore it.