May 17, 2023

The delegates of the 9th Congress of FERPA, held in Vienna from 4 to 6 April 2023, unanimously
express their full solidarity with the French trade unions and support the ETUC resolution
reiterating their strong support in their mobilisation for social dialogue and against the French
pension reform.
The way in which the French pension reform was adopted, without any dialogue with the social
partners, is not acceptable.
The European social model is based on social dialogue.
Respect for social dialogue and the role of the social partners is an essential component of
democracy in Europe and must be promoted and not neglected.
The “reform” of the pension system is an attack on the welfare and aspirations of workers and
their families. This reform is all the more unacceptable – and counterproductive – in the face of
growing inequality and a severe cost of living crisis. It would only exacerbate inequalities and
place a greater burden on workers, especially the poorest. This is all the more negative as the
financing of the French pension system does not require such a measure.
FERPA and the whole European trade union movement will continue to support the French
trade unions in their struggle against this reform, against its content due to the lack of social
Vienna, 6th April 2023