Denounce it! Gender violence has no age

It is important to protect children in cases of domestic violence so we ask measures to protect the physical and mental integrity of children who have lived in an environment of gender violence.

We are also convinced that education in values ​​of equality and gender non-violence can help in that regard.

Not to physical and psychological violence against women in both private environment, residence, nursing home etc. Especially older women often do not report, it is important to have health status, family physicians or primary care protocols to detect such violence and to report such cases in which women who are abused are silent.

We call on governments of different countries of the European Union a protocol of action to eradicate any violence and sexual harassment against older women.

In a world where half the population are women it is inconceivable that there are men who do not respect women and murder. Governments need to take steps to end this scourge.

Reinforce our commitment against violence and gender discrimination in society by promoting training and awareness to advance towards real and effective equality between women and men.

Ana Martinez Lopez

President FERPA Women’s Committee

Ministry of Women, Gender and Education

State Federation of Pensioners and Retired CCOO