Feb 08, 2021

The right to health is a fundamental right. It must allow everyone access to quality care at
affordable cost.
It is the World Health Organization (WHO) which says it by establishing the right to health as a principle
fundamental. A principle which places the responsibility for the health of
their people.
In addition, article 23 of the Constitution of Belgium states that “everyone has the right to lead a life in accordance with
human dignity “. To this end, the Constitution guarantees in particular: the right to social security,
health and social, medical and legal assistance.
However, it is clear that this fundamental principle is less and less respected. Blame it on
neoliberalism, austerity, all-for-profit. The fault with the stranglehold of economic precepts on
political decisions to the detriment of populations, of the common good and therefore of health … The latter is
now subject to the rules of commodification that have been imposed on all health sectors: in
outpatient and at hospital level, through the explosion in fee supplements but also
level of drug prices and nursing home cost.
The health policy pursued by the federal government between 2014 and 2018 is proof of this.
In this brochure, after a historical and legal reminder of the fundamental right to health, the broad outlines
of the health policy implemented by the government between 2014 and 2018 were analyzed, point by point,
with one observation: the fundamental right to health is under attack and weakened.
This brochure is the result of long-term work carried out by the Walloon Commission of Pensioners
and CEPAG pre-pensioners, with the Walloon FGTB, and the support of numerous organizations: Solidaris, the
French-speaking Federation of Medical Homes, the Health and Solidarity Action Platform, the European Network
against the commodification of health and social protection, the Walloon Network for the Fight against Poverty
(RWLP), the Confederation of Socialist Seniors (C2S), Medicine for the People, the movement “Gang des
Vieux en Colère ”and Michel Roland (former President of Médecins du Monde and one of the historical founders
of medical homes in Belgium).
The second part of the document presents the claims of the Walloon Pensioners Commission
and Pre-pensioners to (re) make the right to health a fundamental right, as well as the contributions of
organizations that say NO to the commodification of health.
For the Walloon Commission for Pensioners and Pre-pensioners:
Luc Jansen, President
Annie Sabbatini, Vice-President
Michel Rosenfeldt, Host

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