Apr 20, 2022 Conferences

In response to the Ferpa request for a meeting with the European institutions to illustrate their manifesto, meetings between Ferpa and the Advisors of the Cabinet of the President of the European Council Charles Michel and of the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola took place on 29 and 30 March by video conference. The President of the European Commission, Mrs. von der Leyen, sent us a note informing that her busy schedule did not allow her to meet with us, but that she had taken good note of the content of our manifesto and shared it with the relevant services. These first meetings were useful and important, as we left with the intention to continue the discussion. Members of the Ferpa  Secretariat and Executive Committee participated in these meetings.

Read HERE the minutes of 29th march meeting and HERE the minutes of 30th march meeting.

Here the note from the President of the European Commission:

“Dear General Secretary,

 President von der Leyen has asked me to thank you for your kind e-mail sharing the Manifesto of the European Federation of Retired and Elderly People expressing the demands of older men and women and pensioners in the EU.

 We have taken note with attention of the views expressed in your Manifesto and have shared it with the competent members of the College and services.

 Thank you also for requesting a meeting with the President to discuss the issues raised in this document.

 While this topic and the well-being of the retired and elderly EU population is of great importance for the President and the Commission, regretfully, despite her appreciation for your request, she is unable to give a positive response to you due to very heavy agenda constraints during the current period.

 Thank you in advance for your considerate understanding.

 Please let me take this opportunity to pass on President von der Leyen’s best wishes.

 Yours sincerely,

 Maria Luisa Cabral
Skills and Social Adviser

Cabinet of President von der Leyen”