Sep 08, 2022 Conferences


On August 20, 2022, DİSK/Emekli-Sen 2nd Ordinary General Assembly started with enthusiastic unity and determination with the intense participation of the guests and delegates.

Our General Assembly was held in a historical period when wars increased in the world, hunger, poverty, and misery prevailed, unemployment reached severe levels, violence against women escalated, and nature and the environment were polluted and deteriorated.

In our General Assembly, which was held in an environment where the living standards of retirees declined rapidly, their salaries eroded in the face of increasing increases, and the purchasing power of them decreased, while our country was experiencing a process of consolidation of costly, economic crisis, unemployment and prohibitions, the following determinations were made regarding the situation of the country and the world:

Today, wars and conflicts continue in the Middle East, Ukraine, and all over the world; The losers of wars are again poor people, workers, laborers, children, and women.

On the other hand, the economic crisis in our country has become chronic. Millions continue to struggle for life alongside a handful of rich people in Turkey, where young people are unemployed, retirees are hungry, and workers are poor.

The minimum wage was below the hunger limit, and retirees were sentenced to wages below the minimum wage. In addition, the people were miserable facing price hikes from electricity to water, from bread to gasoline.

In Turkey, where we receive news of violence, harassment, rape and murder against women every day, a decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention can be taken overnight.

In the face of these determinations, DİSK Emekli-Sen has again put forward the struggle and a determined organization in this period.

As an active subject of social opposition, our union is alongside all labor and democracy forces; shoulder to shoulder, this order of poverty and prohibitions will be defeated together with the workers, workers and retirees. We know that the place of retirees is with the workers and laborers.

The retirees will raise the struggle for a life worthy of human dignity by combining them with the struggle for independence, secularism, environment, women and youth.

With this determination and wishes, we will start working with the unity consciousness given by our 2nd Ordinary General Assembly; We declare to our people that we will continue the struggle together with all labor and democracy forces.

We wish success to all DİSK Retired-Sen members and their friends in their noble struggle.


Dear colleagues of the DISK/Emekli-Sen Union,

We have read with great interest the results of your 2nd Ordinary General Assembly.

We welcome your desire to continue to belong to our great trade union family, despite the difficult context in which you live. We share your analyses of the international context, marked in particular by the war, and your demands are in line with ours, as set out in the Manifesto we have drawn up, emphasising, as you do, the fight against poverty, which is rampant in your country and particularly affects the elderly and retired. We are at your side to denounce in the strongest terms the violence, harassment, rape and murder of which women are victims in your country. This violation of fundamental human rights is particularly unacceptable and must be denounced to international bodies and to the political leaders of the European Union.

Yes, Dear colleagues, we share the same ideal of a fairer society, with greater solidarity, concerned with respecting the fundamental rights of women and men in the societies in which we live. At your side, we fight against all forms of exclusion and discrimination that you and we face.

Be assured of our full solidarity and support.

“FERPA and its affiliated organisations are at your side.




General Secretary

Brussels, 7th September 2022