Mar 01, 2021 Rights
Dear colleagues,
March 8 is not a Woman's Day.
It's not Valentine's Day or Mother's Day either ...
It's the international day of struggle for women's rights!
Hardest hit, harder exposed because of low pensions, retired women in Europe have every interest in making their voices heard to denounce their precariousness.
The health situation we are experiencing today raises additional questions,
As the various reports point out, there is a major risk in making retirees and pensioners pay for the impact of the economic and health crisis.
Even though their situation is not as flourishing as the various governments suggest.
For this March 8, women from all over Europe, associations and unions need to make their voices heard to raise their demands:
On the revaluation of pensions
On the recognition of their place in society
On the actions to be put in place to roll back and punish violence against women.
There is no shortage of subjects.

Mireille Paume
President of the Ferpa Women's Committee

Ferpa’s campaign for 8 March 2021. Make every day a committment to defend women’s rights in Europe