Sep 28, 2022 Active ageing

In the run-up to 1 October, the International Day of Older Persons, which this year is dedicated to the role of older women, we are declarating a mobilisation in support of the essential rights of older women and men.

The declaration represents our demands for the defense of the rights of millions of older people who, in this particular period of pandemic, war and its consequences, see their living conditions deteriorate more and more.

This declaration is sent to the European Institutions and to the United Nations because their role is fundamental to make Europe more supportive and inclusive and more attentive to the conditions experienced by the elderly and to the ever-increasing poverty.

Furthermore, we ask the European institutions to continue the discussion already started in recent months on the Manifesto in order to have clear answers regarding poverty and social exclusion that respond to all the needs of the European population of older people and pensioners.

The ETUC will include this declaration in its mobilisation: ‘End the Cost of Living Crisis: Increase Wages, Tax Profits!’


Download the Declaration HERE

Download the Poster HERE