50/5000 Women’s strike in Switzerland on 14 June 2019

Jun 2019

Attention, this article is translated automatically Exceeded all expectations The women's strike that took place in Switzerland on June 14 was a huge success <! - more -> If there were around half a million participants in 1991, this year the figure was largely exceeded In all Swiss...
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Serbian pensioners protest

Feb 2018

Attention, this is an automatic translation Some images and words about the demonstration of Serbian retirees against the so-called temporary laws by which the administration of the government of Serbia cancels the adjustment of pensions with the cost of living and gradually lower pensions at...
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Declaração da Ferpa aprovada na Assembleia de meio de mandato

Oct 2017

Declaração da Ferpa aprovada na Assembleia de meio de mandato em 10, 11 e 12 de outubro de 2017, em Roma Os reformados e idosos da FERPA reivindicam com a CES: Uma Europa social, uma Europa melhor para todos 1) Os 60 anos da União Europeia: defender em conjunto valores comuns Em 25 de...
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9 de Octubre: sùmate a la marcha

Sep 2017

Adhesión al Manifiesto “En marcha por #PensionesDignas” Estimados compañeros y compañeras: Bajo el lema “En Marcha por Pensiones Dignas”, UGT y CCOO hemos convocado distintas jornadas de movilización en las que pensionistas y jubilados recorrerán el país caminando hasta Madrid...
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