Italian Retired trande unions, yes to the vaccination obligation

Sep 2021

Italina pensioners' trade unions Spi, Fnp, Uilp support the request of the CGIL, CISL and UIL to establish the vaccination obligation by law and urge the government to quickly take a decision in this direction At the same time, the trade unions will continue, as they have been doing for months...
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Spi, Fnp, Uilp ‘Men against violence against women’

Mar 2021

On Monday 8 March the joint demonstration of Spi, Fnp, Uilp 'Men against violence against women' was held in Piazza del Popolo in Rome, attended by the General Secretary of Ferpa Agostino Siciliano and the General Secretaries of Spi, Fnp, Uilp Ivan Pedretti, Piero Ragazzini, Carmelo...
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Health is a right, not a merchandise!

Feb 2021

The right to health is a fundamental right It must allow everyone access to quality care at affordable cost It is the World Health Organization (WHO) which says it by establishing the right to health as a principle fundamental A principle which places the responsibility for the health of their...
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“The road to our health”

Jan 2021

By the Belgian CSC Senior, the brochure “The road to our health” This is the result of the transformation of the Spring 2020 University of seniors, which had to be postponed and then canceled due to Covid-19 It is the fruit of the work of senior activists, and more particularly of the members...
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